What Causes Irritability and Mood Swings

What Causes Irritability and Mood Swings?

We, and everyone in our sphere, are well aware when we are feeling edgy. Everything seems to annoy us, frustrate us, or infuriate us. We know we are off-putting on these days, how no one wants to be around us. Sometimes these nasty moods disappear…
mental health getaways for women

Mental Health Gateways for Women

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There are some ways that women and men are simply different. One realm where distinct differences between the genders are identified is mental health. Female hormonal functioning is one such thing that differentiates women from men, and often…
retreats for grief and loss

Retreats for Grief and Loss

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No one can really prepare you for the intense emotional tsunami that comes with the loss of a loved one. Sure, we learn how to adapt to assorted other losses and disappointments that come our way in life, but loss due to death is in a league…