ocd residential treatment

OCD Residential Treatment

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The pandemic has been very trying for people with OCD. But there’s help. For people who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the past 18 months have been tough. Many people with OCD have major issues with germs, so it is easy…
voluntary psychiatric hold

What is a Voluntary Psychiatric Hold?

When a mental health condition becomes urgent, you can admit yourself for a psychiatric hold. Sometimes a person who struggles with a mental health disorder on a daily basis will find their symptoms worsen. A mental health issue becomes a crisis…
Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Learn about narcissism and see if you are caught in the cycle of abuse. We are supposed to feel happy and good about ourselves when we are in a relationship. In a healthy one, this is the case. But if you are caught in the net of a narcissist…
psychiatric residential treatment facility

When is Psychiatric Residential Treatment Needed?

Inpatient treatment provides the right level of care for mental illness. How do you know when you have crossed that line into a serious mental health condition? When do you need more intensive treatment than what your local doctor can provide?…
First Symptoms of Schizophrenia

What are the First Symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Early Symptoms of Schizophrenia Can Lead You to Obtain Early Treatment Each year nearly 3 million people are diagnosed with schizophrenia. This complex mental illness features a break from reality, making living with it very taxing. The symptoms…
grounding techniques for anxiety

How to Use Grounding Techniques During Anxiety Inducing Events

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Learn about grounding, a technique used to help reduce stress and anxiety Stress is part of our daily reality. No one gets to avoid stress, but there are some ways to help reduce its effects. For people who struggle with anxiety, learning some…
signs of mental exhaustion

Overcoming Mental Exhaustion

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Learn the signs of mental exhaustion and how to fight through it. Life can sling many arrows at us, and sometimes it does so all at once. With each problem or setback we may feel stress, worry, and emotional pain. Over time, as these problems…
medical leave for depression

Medical Leave for Depression

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Depression can truly affect all aspects of your life, and that includes your job. It can impair you to the point that it keeps you from being able to perform job tasks. Being unable to think or function as you would prior to the mood disorder…
psych ward

Residential Treatment an Alternative to Psych Ward

When someone you love experiences a serious mental health crisis it may be difficult to know which treatment setting is right for their psychological needs. Family members want to ensure that their loved one receives the very best of care, although…
holistic mental health

Benefits of Holistic Approach to Mental Health

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The pathway to mental wellness is not all that clear cut. Timeworn treatment methods still rule the landscape of psychiatry, and for good reason. These are the proven treatments that have withstood trials and research and have been shown to…