Refusing to Take Medication

Refusing to Take Medication for Mental Health Conditions

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Treatment noncompliance, or refusing to take medication for a mental health disorder, can pose serious risks to the individual and even those around them. Depending on the specific mental health condition, refusal to comply with treatment may…
anxiety recovery retreats

What Are Anxiety Recovery Retreats?

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Anxiety is on a rampage. In fact, anxiety disorders top the list of mental health disorders and impacts over 40 million Americans, or about 18.1% of adults each year. A poll, conducted by the American Psychiatric Association in 2017, found that…
mental health getaways for women

Mental Health Gateways for Women

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There are some ways that women and men are simply different. One realm where distinct differences between the genders are identified is mental health. Female hormonal functioning is one such thing that differentiates women from men, and often…