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mental health during coronavirus

Protecting Your Mental Health During Coronavirus

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The effects of the coronavirus outbreak have reached all corners of our daily lives. One look at your Twitter feed and you will likely spot lots of tweets from people stating they are having trouble sleeping lately, or are feeling “off,”…
Refusing to Take Medication

Refusing to Take Medication for Mental Health Conditions

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Treatment noncompliance, or refusing to take medication for a mental health disorder, can pose serious risks to the individual and even those around them. Depending on the specific mental health condition, refusal to comply with treatment may…
anxiety recovery retreats

What Are Anxiety Recovery Retreats?

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Anxiety is on a rampage. In fact, anxiety disorders top the list of mental health disorders and impacts over 40 million Americans, or about 18.1% of adults each year. A poll, conducted by the American Psychiatric Association in 2017, found that…
Inpatient BPD Treatment Centers

Inpatient BPD Treatment Centers

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Suffering from a Common Personality Disorder: BPD Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex mental health challenge that will typically emerge by early adulthood. Impulsivity, unstable personal relationships, self-image disturbance,…
Depression in Men

Depression in Men…Yes, Men Get Depressed, Too

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While true that women are much more likely to admit to themselves and others that they are struggling with depression, men, too, can fall into depressive episodes. Men may not be as in touch with their emotions as women are; they are more solutions-oriented…
depression during the holidays

How to Manage Depression During the Holidays

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Stress, depression and the holidays: Tips for coping You just can’t put your finger on it. You feel lackluster and sad, sluggish and antisocial even though it is the festive holiday season. What gives? Where is that holiday merriment you…
What Causes Irritability and Mood Swings

What Causes Irritability and Mood Swings?

We, and everyone in our sphere, are well aware when we are feeling edgy. Everything seems to annoy us, frustrate us, or infuriate us. We know we are off-putting on these days, how no one wants to be around us. Sometimes these nasty moods disappear…
mental health getaways for women

Mental Health Gateways for Women

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There are some ways that women and men are simply different. One realm where distinct differences between the genders are identified is mental health. Female hormonal functioning is one such thing that differentiates women from men, and often…
retreats for depression and anxiety

Retreats for Depression and Anxiety

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The push and pull of daily life can sometimes become overwhelming to us—so much so that the resulting emotional strife can damage our ability to function. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, have the potential to significantly…
retreats for grief and loss

Retreats for Grief and Loss

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No one can really prepare you for the intense emotional tsunami that comes with the loss of a loved one. Sure, we learn how to adapt to assorted other losses and disappointments that come our way in life, but loss due to death is in a league…