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adhd and social anxiety

The Link Between ADHD and Social Anxiety

ADHD and social anxiety can sometimes co-occur, causing impairment in functioning. Some may equate social anxiety with shyness, but it is more than just being a shy person. Someone with social anxiety has an irrational fear of being out in…
am i depressed or lazy

Am I Depressed or Lazy?

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Does Having Depression Make You Lazy? If you have ever suffered from a bout of depression, you know that it can leave you feeling listless and unmotivated. You may even wonder, “Am I depressed or lazy?” The fact is that, if you do meet…
why do i worry so much

Why Do I Worry So Much?

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Worry, worry, worry… Why do I worry so much? If you find yourself in a constant state of worry, you are surely not alone. Who hasn’t been in a ball of worry over these past two years? People are feeling the stress big time. With so many…
private mental health ward

What is a Private Mental Health Ward?

There are many options for obtaining treatment for a mental health issue. What is a private mental health ward? Struggling with a mental health disorder can truly be devastating. Too often, someone who has a mental health challenge doesn’t…
how to recover from emotional trauma

How to Recover from Emotional Trauma

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Does Emotional Trauma Ever Go Away? Learning how to recover from emotional trauma is the key to moving on with your life. No two people are alike, meaning that none of us respond to fear-inducing events in the same way. When we experience…
running away from problems

Running Away from Problems

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Is it Bad To Run Away From Your Problems? If you find you are always running away from problems, maybe it’s time to brush up on your coping skills. Life can come at us pretty hard sometimes. A challenge here and a problem there can pile…
mental pain

Struggling with Mental Pain

When you are struggling with mental pain you would do anything to feel better. Learn about the good ways to manage mental pain, and the not-so-good ways. It’s one thing to feel a bit out of sorts. Maybe you’re dealing with a bout of the…
ocd residential treatment

OCD Residential Treatment

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The pandemic has been very trying for people with OCD. But there’s help. For people who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the past 18 months have been tough. Many people with OCD have major issues with germs, so it is easy…
voluntary psychiatric hold

What is a Voluntary Psychiatric Hold?

When a mental health condition becomes urgent, you can admit yourself for a psychiatric hold. Sometimes a person who struggles with a mental health disorder on a daily basis will find their symptoms worsen. A mental health issue becomes a crisis…
Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Learn about narcissism and see if you are caught in the cycle of abuse. We are supposed to feel happy and good about ourselves when we are in a relationship. In a healthy one, this is the case. But if you are caught in the net of a narcissist…